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Salt Air

November 9, 2012


Kerry Ware has been processing audio recordings from aerial footage shot by William Kaddell during rides on his powered parachute. The snap shots above are from William’s video footage over Bonneville Speedway Road. William is a multi-media visual artist with an emphasis in stereo-graphic media. He uses his powered parachute to capture his stereograph landscapes. Below are links to the videos with sound by Kerry Ware:

Bonneville Speedway

Potash Pond

You can listen to additional work by Kerry Ware at his soundsketches.

Rene Barge


Listen to Nautical Miami Part One, Part Two, and Part Three (excerpt)

August 26, 2012


Kerry Ware and I have settled on a conceptually and visually restrained version from multiple sketches we explored over the summer for the Nautical Miami unique 7″ scheduled to release January, 2013. The sketch is serving as a model for the production of 250, limited edition, color pencil and water color on hand made paper, white vinyl 7” that is taking place until their release and thereafter as we continue to take time to produce new work. A glimpse into the sonic attributes of the unique 7″ is available at Nautical Miami Bandcamp where you will find other projects as they become available.

Rene Barge

Unique, Limited Edition Nautical Miami Release 01 Coming

July 18, 2012


Kerry Ware and I have begun to sketch ideas for what will become 250 unique, limited edition 7” vinyl bonus tracks to accompany our first Nautical Miami downloadable release. They will be available to the first 250 downloads. Each vinyl 7” will come with a unique visual composition made of color pencil and water color on hand made paper.  The unique visual pieces are designed alluding to cycles or calendars. They are an embellishment of detailed climatic life in Miami, FL in that they appear to be informed by an elasticity of wet and dry micro-rhythms. The audio composition itself alludes to our two yearly seasons: a wet season and a dry season and are comprised of recorded walks, transducer systems on reflective surfaces, filters and processing.

Rene Barge